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Over the weekend, Louisiana received over 20 inches of rain resulting in unprecedented statewide flooding. Louisiana’s Governor, John Bel Edwards reported that over 20,000 people were rescued from the flood waters and over 8,000 are currently in shelters. The death toll has risen to seven as more individuals are discovered by authorities. Major interstates are closed across the state.

This is particularly troublesome for a state that is still in recovery from major flooding just last March.  Many resources are completely depleted because of the March flooding. There is an urgent need for durable and consumable medical supplies as well as housing.

Portlight has begun to participate in daily meetings with local stakeholder organizations to coordinate durable and consumable medical supply needs. Portlight is also working very closely with the American Red Cross to ensure all shelters are meeting the needs of people with disabilities.

We need your support to make this happen! Please consider making a donation to Portlight to further our reach and response in the state of Louisiana.

We thank you for any support you can offer!.